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hunting for bras

Posted by Kitty on April 28, 2009

All’s been quiet here while I’ve worked out some issues, but I wrote this to post on a forum and decided it belonged here instead.

Any bra aficionados out there?
I’m just sort of trying to collate my options, as I shop for bras to fit my perpetually-askew endowments (it’s kind of a curse; if I find something that fits, they change size, though they’ve been stable for over a year now, I haven’t been able to find anything to replace the ones I outcup, grew immediately), and thought I’d ask the Internet if they had seen any options I’d missed.
Most everyone seems much more concerned with the contents of the bras, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

What I’ve come up with are that my options are pretty grim. I outgrew a J-cup, see. And a lot of the big-bra manufacturers stop at J.
Actually the first boundary is G. Most of the really cute stuff only comes up to G. Including all strapless styles and all plunge-front styles. Which means that I can’t wear either of the two “nice” gowns I own. Score!

The major brands of DDD+ bras are all British, except for Goddess. I’ll come back to Goddess. (Shudder.)
1) Freya
2) Fantasie of England
3) Panache
4) Fayreform
Minor entries by other manufacturers (I flip through Bravissimo’s catalogue to get ideas of manufacturer names, but can’t afford their shipping and returns so I never shop there) generally stop at G. Kalyani, Miss Mandalay, etc. don’t work for me, more’s the pity, as they tend to be the gingham-check or satin or frilly ones I really want. Sigh.

Fayreform stops at J, I just determined.
Freya’s Rio is what I’m wearing now, but it’s too small in the cups and doesn’t support well enough laterally (puts my boobs toward my armpits, how flattering) and from what I can tell, J is their limit as well.
Panache has a few offerings up to K, as does Fantasie. If I can find a site with a good returns policy (’s dearly departed free returns on everything policy, how I pine for thee) I may try those.

But as for shopping domestically…
Oh Goddess. *shudder*
For years I thought you were my only option, and lo! it oppressed my soul. Thou escheweth the underwire, and seemeth to believe that leopard-print stretch satin is verily the height of ye sexe appeale, suitable only for those rare occasions when your standby matte beige with beige lace won’t do. Fie, I say unto thee, fie. Padded straps should not be necessary if the back is properly fitted. And your no-underwire styling, which useth strategic seams to ensure that the nipples point out from the ribcage at forty-five degree angles from center, lo, it is hideous. Crawl ye back under ye rocke, and I shall seek ye out when I am 90, because then I will more closely conform to the women your design department so seemeth to fantasize over.
Not that there’s anything wrong with being a busty old lady. But I’m not.

My only other option currently seems to be Cacique, which is a subdivision of Lane Bryant.
Cacique makes fantastic bras. Some have underwires, some don’t. The selection is narrow, with only a few styles. Lane Bryant stores always have a lingerie section, but they mostly end at DDD. But the larger stores will have a Cacique connected, and Cacique offers a few styles that come up to H. Satin plunge-front in a variety of colors! Seamless lace! Oh heaven!!!
Guess what?
No back sizes smaller than 38.
It is NOT TRUE that only fat women have big tits! And wait a minute, I AM a fat woman! It is not true that fat women have fat ribcages! You’ve got jeans in all proportions, but no inkling that bras ought to work that way too?
The saleslady was sympathetic– “I get a lot of customers I really ought to put in a smaller back size, but I have to put them in 38 because they need the larger cups,” she said.
“Have you mentioned this to your corporate overlords?” I asked.
“No,” she said, looking puzzled.
“Perhaps you should,” I said. “I’ll write a polite note too.”
And I did.

Hey, it’s closer than anything else. $15 for a 38H, which I’ve taken in a few inches in the band, is better than the $50-$60, PLUS about $10 shipping, I’d be paying online.


3 Responses to “hunting for bras”

  1. BraAficionado said

    Hey, I’m the bra aficionado on your buddy list 😛

    There are some options, but you are right that there aren’t many choices, let alone pretty ones.

    Have you checked Jeunique bras? they aren’t very pretty but they do go up to KK cups in small band sizes (

    Colesce Couture also runs large in the cups and goes below 38 in band, I’m not sure if down to 32, their site doesn’t have much info (

    Pennyrich bras also go in pretty big cups and small bands (

    It’s just that none of this bras would qualify as pretty, and it may be trial and error to avoid rocket, cone, triangle shapes. Other detail is that these bra sites don’t have much credibility (like Mr Bra! as to make you want to give them your money :-\

    There is always a good number of big sizes in ebay, some of them are new, and prices are much better than regular stores (http://➡.ws/ebay32kk)

    Also HerRoom and Bare Necessities have some selection up to K cups if that helps… (,bras,32K,001,14.html) (,31,size,20756.htm)

    The thing is that if you’re already in that size range, most likely cup sizing is not really going to work, specially between British and US sizing, since you could say that a UK H cup “could” be equivalent to what in US would be a J cup :-\

    Now, for the pricey options, there is custom fitted bras…

    Snares Of Venus makes custom bras, and even makes bra molding ( to make custom bras as you order.
    The cool thing about them is that they’ll send you a first try out bra and a digital camera, take some pictures and send back a 2nd bra with corrections… this is not cheap though :-\

    This other site also makes custom big bras or even buy bra patterns to try luck yourself with big bras (

    I hope some of this helps 🙂

  2. heidi said

    Oi… I just bought those same bras from Cacique. They’re supercute but feel like they won’t last long. I do love matching undies. How come the sports bras don’t come in the larger cup sizes? Ridiculous.

    I have one of those leopard print Goddess bras – not just rocket cups, but outward-pointing rocket cups. It doesn’t get worn. Luckily I got it on clearance sale at so I don’t feel too guilty about not wearing it.

    • Heidi said

      Have you tried Blum’s at 5110 Main St., Williamsville? I had a very positive experience there today, cute little shopkeeper fitted me and made me try on about 8 bras of various sizes. Expensive but wow! fit!

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