Kitty Fisher

Size-positivity, feminism, self-esteem crises, ginormous tits.


I’ve got fat titties. And I got tired of being ashamed of them. But I don’t really want to be defined by them either.
So I’m exploring size-positivity. I’m medically obese, thanks to said fat titties, some strong thigh muscles, and the bullshit that is the BMI chart. But I get flak for not being fat enough to be a fat activist.
You know what? It’s not about what size you are, it’s about being free to be whatever that size is.
I’m actively in pursuit of Health at Every Size, and happily ditching my lifelong shame about never quite being on a diet because I was never quite fat *enough*… fuck that. There is no fat enough. There is no thin enough. There is only a body, and you only get to have one, so you might as well do your best to make the most of life with the body you have.

In my case, simply passively waiting for acceptance to hit me isn’t enough. I have to work more aggressively toward loving my body. I’m trying to see where that leads.


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